Public School Showcase

The Public School Showcase sponsored by the Gorilla Classic LLC and the staff from the University of Massachusetts is open to every high school student, public and private.  As a public university, the University of Massachusetts and our Men’s Lacrosse staff will host this event on July 26, 2023.  

The Public School Showcase is a one day event, attracting players from all over the state of Massachusetts, New England, the region and the United States. Each player will be placed on a team and play three games during event.

Every college coach will receive a complete recruiting book that will include each players graduation year, GPA, SAT/ACT scores and contact information. Each player will also receive a Public School Showcase pinney that will correspond to their personal, academic and athletic information.

Application and final payment due July 20th, 2023 –or when we fill the event up.  

If you have any questions please contact: Greg Cannella (

Event Details


Wednesday July 26, 2023


Garber Field

UMass – Amherst



(Due July 20th, 2023)

Join us for the Public School Showcase!

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